6 New Year’s Resolutions for becoming a better Founder in 2019

Every New Year brings about new expectations, tons of excitement and last but not least the almighty New Year’s Resolutions. As a founder you need to build more confidence in yourself, have a more engaged and happier team and run a more successful company. So this New Year’s Resolutions are all about your own behaviors and habits and how these impact your team and their results.

Involve your team in New Year’s goal setting and planning. Of course, it is your company, and probably you are the one taking all the financial or reputational risk. However, your team is also invested in your company, since they spend their time, effort, and energy on achieving the company goals. The million dollar question to ask yourself is would you like your team to think and act more like founders?

Keep New Year’s goals in front of yourself and your team. If you have set a goal only to later not remember exactly what the goal was, you must have realized that it’s fundamental to keep yourself, the Company and your team focused. As a founder it’s very easy to sidetrack your efforts through daily interactions with customers, stakeholders and industry participants. But you need to stay focused. Once company goals are created, everyone needs to be reminded of them on a regular basis, a.k.a. “keep your eyes on the prize”.

Communicate more via multiple channels and ways. As a founder, you must communicate key messages on a regular basis. Which means you must complete the communication loop, and you must ensure that the message sent is being received and understood. Doing so, requires communicating more frequently and in different ways, so the message is heard loud and clear and in the end drives the necessary team actions.

Talk less and later. Listen more. As a founder you will often share all of your ideas and then ask the rest of the team for input in order to stimulate a discussion. As with all complex things in life, balance here is important. You will not get it right every time, but you will grow as an individual and a professional if you try again and again.

Focus your feedback Forward. In most cases people want to improve and do a great job that will make them feel good about themselves.  Yet most workplace feedback is focused in the past and that can’t be changed. If you want to be more effective with your team and help them make improvements in their skills and results, give them feedback on what they can do next time.

Be The role model. Looking at the attitudes and behaviors of your team is in part like looking in a mirror. Your team is watching you and copying your own attitude, work ethics, customer focus. If you do not like what you see, look in the mirror more carefully and recognize that the source of your own frustration with other’s behaviors most likely starts with yourself.


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For Hippocampus.io,

Christos Lytras – Managing Partner

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