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An Innovation Consultancy
 bridging the gap between corporates and Startups

Hippocampus.io is an innovation consultancy re‐shaping industries, ecosystems, and mindsets. We work with the most forward thinking corporations, organizations and startups in the Southern and Central Eastern Europe to find and build together the paths of disruptive innovation across industries and ecosystems.

We deliver innovation by embedding our startup mindset and culture into everything we do. Our tailormade programmes and initiatives for our corporate and startup clients and partners create environments in which innovation, collaboration and co‐creation thrives.

We have a unique mix of experience from both sides of the table as former corporate executives and entrepreneurs ourselves allowing us unique empathy with our corporate and startup clients and partners.

What is innovation

Product Innovation

Product innovation is the introduction of a good or service that is new or significantly improved with respect to its characteristics or intended uses. This includes significant improvements in technical specifications, components and materials, incorporated software, user friendliness or other functional characteristics.

Process Innovation

Process innovation is the implementation of a new or significantly improved production or delivery method. This includes substantial changes in techniques, equipment and/or software.

Marketing Innovation

Marketing innovation involves significant changes in product design or packaging, placement, promotion or pricing. Product design refers to product form and appearance and those changes do not alter the product’s functional or user characteristics.

Organizational innovation

Organizational innovation has to do with a firm’s business practices, workplace organization or external relations. For example, new practices that can improve learning and knowledge sharing within the firm.

What we do

We design, implement and execute tailor-made initiatives to cater our corporate and startup clients and partners needs because we know a one size fits all approach does not work. We are a consultancy, which talks less and does more, therefore we deliver impactful change, through designing bespoke initiatives for each client’s needs, because no two companies are the same.

Our Partners

Our Team

Christos is the Managing Partner of hippocampus.io.

Until June 2016, Christos was Product & Service Lead at The Eurobank Innovation Center (www.eurobank.gr) responsible for developing the Centre Service offering internally across the Eurobank Group and externally with the GR and EU startup ecosystem across areas such as Fintech, IoT & Big Data Analytics.

For 3 years Christos was the Site Manager of the “egg – enter•grow•go” programme (www.theegg.gr), an integrated incubation,  acceleration and co‐working programme, a Eurobank CSR intiative, responsible for coaching & advising ~ 65 startups which have generated >2,5M€ sales (FY2015) and have raised >3M€ debt & equity financing.

Isidoros is the Technology Partner of hippocampus.io.

Until July 2017, Isidoros was Head of IT & Organization at Media Markt. He was responsible for IT Systems, Applications & Processes, management of International and domestic IT projects, Software Development and IT Procurement for the Group Media Markt in Greece.

As a member of the original team that executed the country launch, Isidoros contributed over the span of 13 years, to establishing a network of 12 stores and online shop and positioning the brand as number two electronics retailer in Greece with a revenue of 180M€ (FY2016).

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68 Aiolou st, 10551, Athens / ΑΡΙΘΜΟΣ ΓΕΜΗ: 140616701000 / Mail: info@hippocampus.io

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