Back to Basics on Innovation, Leadership & Management

Innovation is all about creating the vision and should be concise, no longer than a few sentences or a paragraph. You want your entire team and organization to be able to quickly repeat it and, more importantly believe and execute on it.

Leadership, is communicating the vision and its an essential means for focusing attention on what matters most. and what you want to accomplish. A useful vision has to be rooted in your past, be able to address the future, and deal with today’s realities.

Management is executing and delivering on the vision, with a team of interdisciplinary skills and expertise.

You can’t achieve the above, unless your team shares the following personal and professional characteristics:

Empathy, you need to have a way of connecting with other people. You have to engage with them and have them open up to you so you can ask them the right questions to find out their real problems.

Problem Solving, the people who are successful and make an impact in execution are the people who have the underlying problem solving capabilities.

Team work (Lead and be led), if you are the type of person who constantly feels like you need to prove you’re the smartest person in the room, then you are  not a great fit. Great teams check their ego at the door and  most successful people tend to be humble about their backgrounds.

Communication, trying to address complicated business problems and explain them in a way that someone on the shop floor or the C-level management can understand and thus change their behavior accordingly, is not an easy task. You need people who can communicate complex problems in a concise way, and not trying to impress your audience with jargon.

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Christos Lytras – Managing Partner

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