5 Tips when Starting your Own Company

Build your personal brand.

Building a personal brand is a fundamental building block for your Company. Having a recognizable personal brand as a professional and as an expert in your field of interest, gives you credibility.  So if your potential Customers know and trust you and your personal brand, they’re more likely to trust your Company. Also, a wide personal audience means that the number of prospective Customers you can reach on any given day, is higher. Therefore, build your personal brand by actively seeking out publicity, both for yourself and for your company. That can be achieved through speaking engagements and by developing a robust social media following as quickly as you can. Each media hit, each speaking opportunity or each social media post has the potential to bring you in a new customer, so make the most out of it.


Monetize your networks.

Most entrepreneurs already have a more valuable network of direct contacts than they realize when they get started with their own Company. Your personal network of friends, family and business associates are potential Customers that already exist within your immediate sphere of reach.  Friends, family and friends-of-friends are all people with needs, and it will always be easier to approach someone you already know about your new business venture than it will be to approach a total stranger.


Never stop learning.

There will always be a learning curve when you start your Company. Regardless of how well you think you might know your industry, or what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, you’re always going to encounter new challenges, industry changes or other obstacles that haven’t crossed your mind before. There is huge availability of information so as an entrepreneur you can teach yourself almost anything. And you do need to learn new tools and skills constantly.


Get over rejection.

Facing rejection is a huge fear for everybody when you start your Company. Especially if one is a natural introvert, then cold-calling people and reaching out to prospective Customers is way outside of your comfort zone. But, it is necessary to put yourself in center stage and thus you need to manage rejection. Forcing yourself to talk to strangers about your Company and understanding that business rejection isn’t personal, is probably the most critical step in your entrepreneurial journey.


Pick A Fight.

You don’t have to express your views in public, but always have a rival, whether it’s one person or one company who you are trying to beat. Don’t stop trying until you run them to the ground and after you succeed then pick the next one, a bigger and better rival.


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For Hippocampus.io,

Christos Lytras – Managing Partner

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