5 Sales Tactics for Corporate Customers

Want to engage with your new customers? Here are 5 great tips for helping connect with your new Corporate customer.

Building an understanding. Never start a conversation with a customer with the intent of making a new friend. If your goal is to become the customer’s best friend, you’ll quickly turn into the “yes man” someone willing to say yes to anything in order to be liked. No one buys from that kind of person. Instead, people buy from people for whom they have respect and trust.

Start with your customers’ why. Once you leverage your expertise to offer value and share common challenges you have observed with your customer, it’s time to engage them with some direct questions, in order to understand what their problem is and why do they want to solve it. After listing a few trends you’ve seen, you need to ask directly, “Do any of these challenges sound familiar?” or “Have you identified these challenges in your business?” This will prompt customers to think about their own organizations and open up to you about the key challenges they are facing, because there’s no way to build a real connection if you’re the one doing all the talking.

Have a company specific viewpoint. Establishing your credibility as a salesperson is more about how you view the present and what you think of the future and since you are an expert you must be prepared to offer a recommendation. You work with different customers in different industries therefore, you have a distinctive view of the trends and the challenges that lie ahead, even though there is no right or wrong answer to what the future will hold. Failing to capitalize on this unique perspective of yours when you meet a new customer is a huge mistake, since you are in a position to offer a lot of value you need to think “What do you believe will be the best way to solving your customers’ problem?”. You will lose potential customers who don’t share your viewpoint of the future but at the same time you will confirm to others that do share it, that you’re the right fit.

List the opportunities and risks of not acting now. Think about common challenges you see in the industry that you can solve. Since your customer inherently knows these, listing opportunities and risks validates their concerns and drives them into action. When you share valuable information like this, every new customer will want to hear what you have to say. Plus, this provides a perfect opportunity to connect with customers about the challenges inside their own organizations.

Talk about the end results. Selling your Product or Service is about sharing how you’re going to solve your customer’s problem. In the most honest and simple way you can, present the end results your customer will see after buying your Product or Service. The most compelling way to do this is to either show them through a demo or have another customer tell them through testimonials.

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